Fu Du,David Young: Du Fu: A Life in Poetry

Du Fu: A Life in Poetry


Du Fu (712 770) is one of the undisputed geniuses of Chinese poetry still universally admired and read thirteen centuries after his death. Now David Young, author of "Black Lab, "and well known as a translator of Chinese poets, gives us a sparkling new translation of Du Fu s verse, arranged to give us a tour of the life, each chapter of poems preceded by an introductory paragraph that situates us in place, time, and circumstance. What emerges is a portrait of a modest yet great artist, an ordinary man moving and adjusting as he must in troubled times, while creating a startling, timeless body of work. Du Fu wrote poems that engaged his contemporaries and widened the path of the lyric poet. As his society one of the world s great civilizations slipped from a golden age into chaos, he wrote of the uncertain course of empire, the misfortunes and pleasures of his own family, the hard lives of ordinary people, the changing seasons, and the lives of creatures who shared his environment. As the poet chases chickens around the yard, observes tear streaks on his wife s cheek, or receives a gift of some shallots from a neighbor, Young s rendering brings Du Fu s voice naturally and elegantly to life. I sing what comes to me in ways both old and modern my only audience right now nearby bushes and trees elegant houses stand in an elegant row, too many if my heart turns to ashes then that s all right with me . . . "from " Meandering River "

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Author: Fu Du,David Young
Number of Pages: 226 pages
Published Date: 04 Nov 2008
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Publication Country: New York, NY, India
Language: English
ISBN: 9780375711602
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